What is Travertine?

What is Travertine?

Travertine gets its name from the Italian town of Tivoli which is close to Rome.  Extensive deposits of travertine can be found at Tivoli.  In years gone by the travertine was transported from Tivoli to Rome to be used for building and developing the city.  It was used in large quantities for the Colosseum, which dates back to 80 AD and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris. This shows that travertine has long been recognised as a quality building material and has stood the test of time.

Travertine is a sedimentary rock that consists of calcium carbonate.  This beautiful natural stone belongs to the limestone family.  It has a unique composition that is due to water rich in carbon dioxide travelling through rocks, which are in limestone areas.  The water creates cavities, which give travertine its special characteristics and make it so different to other natural stones.  Pure travertine is white, but impurities can cause the colour of travertine to vary and to be yellow and brown.

travertine.jpgTravertine is a stunning stone that appears beautifully aged and worn due to the pitted holes and troughs that appear in it.  It is available from Travertine Direct in many finishes, the most popular being honed travertine, filled travertine and travertine with tumbled edges.  While the pitted holes and troughs that appear in travertine can be left for a worn appearance, you can also get travertine that has been filled.  This type of travertine has a polished, smooth and shiny appearance and comes in a wide variety of colours.  How you want your travertine to look really is up to you.

The stone travertine has a lasting durability to match its unique appearance and lends itself to all kinds of application, from private homes to commercial developments.  It provides a truly classical look and has a timeless beauty. Travertine has become one of the most widely used natural stones today.  You can see it used in flooring and wall cladding.  It is a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, as well as being used for external paving and masonry.

Here at Travertine Direct we source our travertine direct from quarries in Turkey and spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring the very best quality travertine at the best prices, and that it is sourced from companies operating ethically.  Our knowledge and understanding of travertine products and travertine quarrying ultimately benefits our customers who get the best travertine available at the best prices.  We are a leading UK supplier of travertine products: there is no one better for travertine products and travertine tiles in the UK.

We work with smaller, family-run quarries to guarantee a close working relationship and direct access to the quarry owners.  Again, this helps guarantee our customers the best travertine and best travertine deals. We supply many large developers and UK-based construction companies, as well as clients within the tile trade.  We also export travertine to a number of countries, including Spain, Crete and Ibiza.

Our travertine tiles have been bought by BBC television presenter Kristian Digby, who used our travertine tiles in a development featured in his daytime television show.

By controlling our costs and buying only quality travertine products we ensure we are able to sell travertine to our customers at reduced rates which are cheaper than our competitors.  We bulk buy travertine tiling and only buy direct from the manufacturer, with no third party involvement.  Again, this helps us keep costs and travertine prices down.  We carry large stocks of travertine tiles at our Leeds warehouse and we are well-placed to supply and distribute to the whole of the UK, due to good road networks and good logistics agreements with our chosen transport companies.