What is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a material that makes stunning tiles with its beautiful translucency, toughness and strength. It is created using a mixture of sands, clay and other materials which are heated up to temperatures as high as 1,400 degrees Celsius.


Porcelain gets its name from the old Italian word ‘porcellana’, which means ‘cowrie shell’, due to its resemblance to a shell’s translucent surface.  In some English-speaking countries it is sometimes informally referred to as ‘china’ as the birth place of porcelain making was China – many thousands of years ago.


Porcelain tiled bathroom

The tremendous strength and hardness of porcelain, combined with its glassiness, translucence and strong resistance to chemicals make it the perfect material for use in the production of floor and wall tiles, but also has many other uses too.  These include the making of figurines and bowls, as well as being used by dentists to make false teeth, crowns and caps.  It is highly resistant to the passage of electricity, which makes it a first rate insulator.


Porcelain tiles can be produced to look like many different types of natural stone and offer a great alternative to natural stone products – they can also offer a cheaper alternative to natural stone. Porcelain tiles are a unique kind of ceramic tile.  They are tiles that are fired for longer and at a higher temperature and this makes them far stronger than the standard ceramic tiles and also harder than granite.  Porcelain is also completely non-porous, which makes it the perfect choice for any area where a high standard of hygiene is needed.


Here at Travertine Direct we source our porcelain tiles direct from the factories in Italy and Spain.  We choose the companies we deal with very carefully and use our intimate knowledge of porcelain and porcelain tiles to get the very best porcelain products at the best prices.  We deal direct and do not go through third parties, which means there is never a middleman and no added costs.  We do not buy B grade or sub-standard materials from any of our suppliers.


We are a leading UK supplier of porcelain tiles: you will not find anyone better for porcelain products and porcelain tiles in the UK.  Whether you need porcelain wall tiles or porcelain floor tiles for indoor or outdoor use we are the company to call.  We offer innovative porcelain tiles that are rich with personality.  Our porcelain tiles are of the very highest quality and in a range of superb finishes that are based on natural materials but which offer the practicality and strength of a man-made material.


Here at Travertine Direct we supply porcelain tiles to many large developers and construction companies in the UK, as well as to clients in the tile trade.  We also export porcelain tiles to several worldwide destinations, including Crete, Spain and Ibiza.


We control our costs very tightly and buy only the very best porcelain products.  By doing this we ensure that we can sell porcelain to our customers at a great rate – cheaper than our competitors.  We bulk buy porcelain tiling, which helps us keep costs and porcelain prices down.  We always carry a large stock of porcelain tiles at our Leeds warehouse and can supply and distribute throughout the UK due to excellent road networks and good logistics agreements with our selected transport companies.


Travertine Direct takes enormous pride in the quality of porcelain products it supplies and in the first class customer service we offer.  We are always looking to improve our porcelain product range yet further and always put customers’ needs first.


For the best quality porcelain, the best porcelain prices, and the best service you should choose Travertine Direct.  We look forward to hearing from you.