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22/06/2016 10:38

What type of tiles are the best for underfloor heating?

The iPhone. The domino’s app. People falling over on YouTube. The modern world has given us many valuable gifts, but none are so comforting, so comfortable and so impressive as modern underfloor heating.

We love underfloor heating. In short, it’s great. Instead of frozen toes every morning as you get ready on a blustery day, underfloor heating gently introduces you to the day, still surrounded by the warmth of your duvet even as you brush your teeth.

Underfloor heating works by transferring heat to the tiles of your bathroom floor using a system that pumps warm water through piping under the floor – or an electric system which uses coils placed under the floor.

Bathroom tile types you can use with underfloor heating

There are many flooring types that are suitable for use with underfloor heating, including carpet, wooden flooring and some types of laminate flooring. If you’re planning on installing a new underfloor heating system in your bathroom as well as a new floor (a good combo), the following tiles are the best options:

Ceramic tiles

Performance: A+

Lowest price for tile per m2: £19.11

Ceramic tiles are some of the best tile types to use with underfloor heating, as they transfer heat extremely efficiently due to their thin size. Ceramic tiles are also very easy to keep clean and maintain, so definitely an option worth bearing in mind.


Performance: A+

Lowest price for tile per m2: £14.54

Travertine is an extremely popular flooring tile choice and also an excellent conductor of heat – making it perfect for underfloor heating. The nature of the stone means it’s a high performance option for underfloor heating, reacting faster than some thick, more dense stones.

Marble tiles

Performance: B-

Lowest price for tile per m2: £31.99

As well as the beautiful aesthetics, marble tiles are a great choice when installing a heated bathroom floor. Marble has excellent thermal conductivity, but will be slower to heat up than other stone tiles – so make sure you turn it on a little earlier for a nice, toasty bathroom come morning.

Limestone tiles

Performance: A

Lowest price for tile per m2: £26.56

Tiles made from Limestone are a great option for underfloor heating. Most natural stone tiles have effective heat conductivity, so will make for a lovely warm bathroom floor.  Limestone requires a little extra care and attention during installation, but the spectacular aesthetics are worth it.

Porcelain tiles

Performance: A-

Lowest price for tile per m2: £12.93

We discussed the many benefits of Porcelain tiles in our blog earlier this month, and a clear advantage is how great porcelain tiles are one of the best options for bathroom tiles on the market. Porcelain tiles have a beautiful, unique appearance and transfers heat like a champ – win/win in terms of bathroom floor tiles.

Always contact your installation team

Always check with the person installing your underfloor heating if the flooring tile type you have selected is appropriate – they will have extra expertise to know which flooring type will produce the best results for your specific case.

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