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01/05/2017 17:57

Fossils anyone? Jura limestone's hidden extras

Looking for something unique? Jura limestone tiles may be just the thing for you.

The beauty of Jura

Originating from Germany, Jura limestone is fast becoming one of the most sought after natural stones. It is characterised by occasional fossils and evidence of fauna and flora from the Jurassic Period, which will add a touch of elegance and ancient history to your home.

With a choice between beige or grey, Jura limestone tiles are versatile and will look great with all interior design decisions, whether you want classic and understated or modern and bold. No two tiles are the same, so decorate with Jura limestone and you can be sure of bespoke walls and floors that are filled with intricate details.

Ancient history embedded in limestone

Even if the name ammonite doesn’t sound familiar, you will most likely recognise the iconic spiral shaped fossils, beautifully dispersed throughout Jura limestone. Ammonites lived around 240–65 million years ago and went extinct along with the dinosaurs. They would have been at home in warm shallow waters, using jet propulsion to move and feeding on a diet of zooplankton. The distinctive hard shell was composed of chambers, and whilst only the outer one was lived in, the others were used to control buoyancy and movement. When ammonites died, they sank to the sea floor, where over a process of millions of years the empty shells would end up buried deep in sediments and potentially fossilised in stone. They are not just attractive however, the relatively short, and known, time period over which they lived enables geologists to utilise them to age other fossils. The warm waters where Jura limestone formed were teaming with life, so ammonites are not the only life preserved in stone, you can also expect quartz veins, belemnites, sponges, feather stars, and corals to feature in your tiles.

Durability and strength

If fossils alone are not persuasive enough, Jura limestone is a one of the hardest natural stones. It is durable, excellent for flooring and commercial applications, and also a great option if you are looking to install underfloor heating. Jura tiles require little maintenance and you will be able to enjoy them for years without worrying about deterioration.

If you want consistency and every tile to look the same then Jura limestone may be not for you, but for something different that will add charm, character, and bring some natural history in to your home, Jura limestone is the way to go – you definitely won’t regret it.

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