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06/09/2016 10:28

Bringing light into your bathroom with tiles

Morning Coffee

Iced Coffee is one of the hot colour trends for 2016 and so why not start your day off right in your own bathroom?

Our Cappuccino Marbled Polished tiles are a wonderful mix of latte, coffee and tea colours that are sure to give you a boost every morning

The textured look also lends itself beautifully to country-style bathrooms or those with a touch of rustic charm.


Calm & Relaxed

Another popular colour for this year is Serenity – a calming and cool shade that brings to mind images of clear lakes and misty mornings.

And it is really easy to recreate that feeling of peace in your own home, thanks to our Luna Grigio flooring.

These are porcelain tiles that give the effect of wood grain, so they are perfect for your bathroom. Or any other room in your house for that matter!


Cool Grey

Lilac Grey, as the name suggests, combines the professional look of grey shades, with the lighter notes of colourful lilac.

If you’re looking to add this colour into your home in 2016, we’ve got two words for you: Jura Grey. Or, more specifically, Jura Grey Honed.

This beautiful tile is cool and sophisticated, but light enough to lift your whole bathroom up in the mornings.

Jura Grey Honed

Party Time!

It’s not all calming and relaxing in 2016 however. There’s also room for some livelier colours, such as the fiery Fiesta!

When you want to turn things up to 11 in your bathroom, this Polished Metro Tile in Red should be your first port of call on your party boat.

It can instantly lift a plain looking bathroom and make it somewhere you’ll be happy to spend some time in first thing in the morning, or when you’re getting ready to go out on the town!


Deep Blue

When you think bathroom, you think water; so it’s no surprise that blue often plays a part in our décor.

With one of 2016’s colour trends being aptly named ‘Snorkel Blue’ we knew we had to include one of our favourite deep blue tiles on this list.

The Emilia Nero tile is awash with a rich blue hue that is ideal for bathrooms that are in need of a bold statement. And the rich colour means you instantly feel relaxed as soon as you enter the bathroom.


Build Me Up Buttercup

A bright and beautiful yellow shade, Buttercup, has made its way into the 2016 colour trends and we’ve found the perfect accompaniment.

Unless you have a real taste for colour, going all out with this bold colour might be a bit much, so here’s a wonderfully soft, but no less beautiful alternative – Sun Shimmer Gold Tile.

Use this tile in your bathroom and you’ll create a warming glow for everyone, no matter what time of year it is.