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04/05/2016 12:29

The best tiles for small bathrooms

Bigger doesn’t always have to mean better. Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in any home, but a diminutive bathroom doesn’t have to mean an ugly bathroom. There’s plenty of things any homeowner can do to make the most of the space they have and create a vibrant, inviting space to relax.

Maximising space using tiles in a small bathroom

small bathroom tiles decorating advice

Use light bathroom tiles

Light coloured bathroom tiles are perfect for creating an airy, spacious aesthetic within any bathroom. Lighter tiles give the illusion of space by reflecting natural or artificial light more effectively than darker colours, so using light tiles in a smaller bathroom can help make it seem bigger and more open.

 Combine light coloured tiles with dazzling lighting or lots of natural light and you’ll create a brilliant, captivating space that seems much larger than it really is.

For example, these Polished Metro Tiles are inspired by the underground tunnel system of New York and present a perfect way of introducing some luminosity to a small bathroom.

Another great option for a cosy bathroom are these Ultimate Light Travertine Tiles; a sophisticated option that will give your bathroom some real gravitas.

Use a clear shower divide

Textured or opaque shower doors can compartmentalise a small bathroom even further, making it seem boxy and small. Show off your beautiful tiling with a completely transparent shower divide to open the space up.

Use the same colour floor and wall tiles

Another trick that can create the illusion of space is matching your bathroom floor tiles with your wall lies. Visually this can create a beautiful, uniform space that blurs the distinction between walls and floor. 

cappuccino marble tiles

Mirror Mirror

Another technique for maximising the space in a small bathroom is the classic trick of incorporating a large mirror (or multiple mirrors) into your decor. Mirrors create the illusion of space, while leaving your plenty of places to do your hair. Win/win.

Bigger Tiles, Bigger Bathroom

Larger tiles can help make your space appear larger, as they provide less grout gaps which compartmentalise the space on your walls, making them appear smaller. Larger tiles give your space a more uniform appearance, making any bathroom a lot more roomy. 

Why not try our Coliseum Travertine Honed & Filled Tiles? Each brilliant, ornate tile is substantial enough to give a small bathroom a real sense of prestige and elegance.

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