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30/05/2017 09:12

Flooring the Neighbours With Travertine

Redecorating the inside or outside of your house and want to do something that will really wow the neighbours? Use Travertine tiles or pavers. Travertine is a beautifully formed natural limestone created around hot mineral springs. It is not only stunning, but hardwearing, versatile, and perfect for use indoors and out.

Get the Travertine wow factor

Introduce the natural characteristics of Travertine to your home and you will not be disappointed. The presence of different minerals gives rise to Travertines beautiful earthy colour variations, from grey to beige to reddish brown. Each tile or paver is individual and the workable nature of Travertine means it can be cut into an array of shapes and sizes that can be pieced together to create an exclusive look just for you, whether you are after simple and sophisticated or a more modern mosaic.

Use Travertine outside and you are sure to get the neighbours attention. The soft natural colours will bring the elegance of inside to the outside of your home; with travertine pavers, your outdoor space will subtly dominate but not overpower. Moreover, Travertine retains its colour so your look won’t fade and Travertines adaptability means it can be used to create driveways, pathways, patios, garden borders, and stepping stones; Travertine can even be used around swimming pools -  your options are endless.

Going green

The environment and sustainability are important nowadays, and Travertine ticks all the boxes. It is more environmentally friendly than many alternatives as it lacks the energy and cost consuming manufacturing processes that man-made products have. Being natural and sourced from the ground, it is also biodegradable and recyclable, so can be salvaged and reused in the future.

Benefits of Travertine

Travertine is not just stunning, it is durable and hardwearing and perfect for use outside. It is non-slip, freeze and thaw compatible and can withstand weathering, so won’t deteriorate over time. It is easy to maintain and clean, and if a paver does need replacing it can be done easily without having to worry about colour matching, consistency, or whether your paver still exists – it is natural and not going anywhere. Finally, use Travertine and not only will you floor your neighbours but you will be making a good investment as it adds value to your home.

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