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20/04/2017 09:43

5 easy steps to a beautiful bathroom

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to put some life back into your home. The bathroom is a great place to start, and getting a beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be enjoying a little bit of luxury in no time.

1)     Consider your colour scheme

Whether it is bright and energising or neutral and calming you are after, a colour scheme will bring consistency, adding elegance and style. Knowing what you want will also take some of the stress out of choosing colours and shopping for new accessories.

2)     Decorate with tiles

Tiles are a great way to completely change the look of your bathroom without doing a full make-over. The options are endless – decorate the whole bathroom, just the floor, the walls or even confine tiles to small areas such as the shower or behind the sink. Use one colour, or combine many to create a bespoke bathroom. Mosaics and patterned tiles make beautiful borders and can add colour without being overpowering, whilst natural stone can add a hint of elegance and bring the spa feel into your home. Furthermore, tiles are durable, so not only will your bathroom look great, but it will last and be easy to maintain and clean.

3)     Freshen up

You will be surprised at what a difference a good clean can make. But more than that, brighten up your bathroom by adding a fresh coat of paint and re-doing any worn away or mouldy sealant and grout between tiles and around fixtures. Fix or replace any broken or worn out furniture or try adding a coat of paint to old furniture to make it look new. 

4)     Clear out the clutter

With so many toiletries, it is easy for bathrooms to look cluttered. Take stock of what you have, and throw away what you don’t need. Separate your remaining products into those you use daily, weekly, or just occasionally and keep functionality in mind when putting them away - store those you use daily within easy reach and hide away the others.

Now is also a good time to look at your storage, do you have enough or would you benefit from more?  Keeping your bathroom tidy will be much less hassle if everything has a place. Storage doesn’t have to be boring though - old ladders make perfect towel rails, for example.

5)     Finishing touches

Finally, consider the small things and refresh your accessories. Replacing mismatched towels for new fluffy ones that match your colour scheme will assist in bringing your look together, and the same goes for essentials such as soap dishes, tooth brush holders, and rubbish bins. Mirrors reflect light and add space, whilst new blinds and shower curtains can add colour and character to your bathroom.

For inspiration, take a look at our range of bathroom tiles and accessories.

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