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20/10/2016 10:48

10 advantages of Travertine tiles over other tiles

1. Unique

Travertine is unique in its colours and geological variations, making it a really stunningly visual tile.  There are so many types and colours to choose from.

2. Easy to Work With

It’s a little softer than marble and so this makes it easier to cut and install. This is a great advantage as it allows for all sizes and shapes - perfect for awkward-shaped rooms or funny angles.

3. Investment

It’s very low cost for such a great material. Travertine has been used in building construction and decoration for thousands of years and it still stands the test of time today.

4. Decorative

Travertine mixed mosaics are made from a variety of different coloured tiles and can form very attractive splash backs and feature walls in your kitchens and bathrooms.


5. Easy to Replace

Travertine is still in great supply and so it never gets discontinued. This means that if you need a replacement, or want to expand your current Travertine décor, you can always replace a tile with a like for like.

6. High Quality Style

Offering an instant high quality look when added to a home design, Travertine is the ideal choice if you are looking to make a lasting first impression when guests visit your home.

7. Natural Look

For those wishing to avoid anything that looks artificial. Travertine looks different to man-made tiles such as ceramic or porcelain and you can instantly tell it is a natural stone.

8. Low Maintenance

Travertine only needs maintenance once a year once it is laid down, with a new coating of sealant providing ample coverage.

9. Lasting Style

The colour of travertine comes from the deposits in the rock and therefore the colouring runs all the way through the tile. Even if scratched, Travertine tiles will still show their beautiful colours.

10. Versatility

Travertine comes in a variety of finishes so you can always find the right one for your particular style:

  • Brushed – wire brushed to give it a textured surface
  • Honed – sanded for a matte finish
  • Tumbled – tumbled with bearings to give it a more natural ‘hewn’ surface